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  • deondriea-independent-woman
My curves make me attractive. My conversation makes me sexy. But, it’s my ‪‎confidence makes me irresistible, and my intellect makes me insatiable. It’s my independence however, that make me desirable. Being an independent ‪‎woman isn’t defined by having my...
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  • blog-deondriea
I hear people say that they have trust issues. Do they? Or, is it an excuse to misuse and not commit equitably in relationships and friendships? They say that they don’t trust anymore because they’ve been hurt, abandoned or betrayed....
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  • deondriea-blog-drhythm
We can all inventory our lives and discover things we could have done differently, opportunities we should have taken advantage of, along with situations where we weren’t true to ourselves. Are the “wish I could’ve, should’ve, would’ves” enough? The answer...
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