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Strength Lies Within

For some, the word strong triggers a vision of aggression, boldness and ready for a fight. Being strong is more than the depiction of muscles and brawn, it’s the ability to consistently own and operate in a state of being...
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Plan to Suceed

Sometimes, we look around and notice that other people are just lucky, blessed or is it the law of attraction? Because it seems as though they have their heart’s desire and success appears to always be at their fingertips. Some...
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Prepared for Take-Off

As we take flight on our individual journeys towards success, the runway (path) is there, ready for us to take off when we show up prepared and in position. Before being cleared for take-off, you first have to have a...
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You Can’t Repair a Reflection

We can all inventory our lives and discover things we could have done differently, opportunities we should have taken advantage of, along with situations where we weren’t true to ourselves. Are the “wish I could’ve, should’ve, would’ves” enough? The answer...
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