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  • drhythm-blog
We lose jobs, friendship fades away, and relationships dissolve. We face hurts, loss, disappointments and heartache. Why? Why is it that we try to do the right thing, we have the best of intentions, give wholeheartedly, and are authentic, but...
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  • blog-deondriea
I hear people say that they have trust issues. Do they? Or, is it an excuse to misuse and not commit equitably in relationships and friendships? They say that they don’t trust anymore because they’ve been hurt, abandoned or betrayed....
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  • deondriea-drhythm-blog
I offered you partnership, you didn’t want it. I offered you friendship, you didn’t appreciate it. I offered you love, you didn’t accept it. I offered you support, you couldn’t comprehend it. I offered you loyalty, you wouldn’t reciprocate it....
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