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Thoughts of an Independent Woman

My curves make me attractive. My conversation makes me sexy. But, it’s my ‪‎confidence makes me irresistible, and my intellect makes me insatiable. It’s my independence however, that make me desirable. Being an independent ‪‎woman isn’t defined by having my...
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The Real Side of Relationships

From the moment you lay eyes on one another, there is an immediate connection, like you are kindred spirits. All inhibitions are released and he is able to see the real, unfiltered you. The feeling of euphoria is intense as...
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Listen to the Hiss in Their Lips

Once I had an interaction with a broken man that I thought I was doing him a favor by attempting to build him up and grow his business. I often witnessed him verbally tear down the people that he loved...
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Plan to Suceed

Sometimes, we look around and notice that other people are just lucky, blessed or is it the law of attraction? Because it seems as though they have their heart’s desire and success appears to always be at their fingertips. Some...
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Fatality of Fear

We all know the variations of what FEAR is believed to be, what happens next? FEAR can be FATAL!!! FEAR will cause: You to be paranoid: You will think people are talking about you, out to get you or attacking...
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Drama Addict

Don’t get caught up in being addicted to drama. A drama king or queen isn’t always a person that creates drama or is overly dramatic. Sometimes a drama addict is a person that finds comfort in instability, dysfunction and disarray....
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