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  • deondriea-definedlife
For some, the word strong triggers a vision of aggression, boldness and ready for a fight. Being strong is more than the depiction of muscles and brawn, it’s the ability to consistently own and operate in a state of being...
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  • deondriea-drhythm
Don’t get caught up in being addicted to drama. A drama king or queen isn’t always a person that creates drama or is overly dramatic. Sometimes a drama addict is a person that finds comfort in instability, dysfunction and disarray....
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  • deondriea-blog-drhythm
Many times I hear people say, “I’m just keeping it real, I’m real about mines, I’m a real man/woman,” and every other variation thereof. Is that something to be proud of, a badge of honor? Let’s talk about what’s “real”...
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