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  • deondriea-independent-woman
My curves make me attractive. My conversation makes me sexy. But, it’s my ‪‎confidence makes me irresistible, and my intellect makes me insatiable. It’s my independence however, that make me desirable. Being an independent ‪‎woman isn’t defined by having my...
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  • blog-drhythm-deondriea
Do you know how much you weigh? You might be thinking what does my weight have to do with anything? Weight determines class, value, influence and worth. Boxers are classified by their weight class, not by their skills or ability....
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  • drhythm-deondriea-blog
We all know the variations of what FEAR is believed to be, what happens next? FEAR can be FATAL!!! FEAR will cause: You to be paranoid: You will think people are talking about you, out to get you or attacking...
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  • deondriea-drhythm-blog
I offered you partnership, you didn’t want it. I offered you friendship, you didn’t appreciate it. I offered you love, you didn’t accept it. I offered you support, you couldn’t comprehend it. I offered you loyalty, you wouldn’t reciprocate it....
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