Strength Lies Within

For some, the word strong triggers a vision of aggression, boldness and ready for a fight. Being strong is more than the depiction of muscles and brawn, it’s the ability to consistently own and operate in a state of being strong; being confident in your abilities.

There are times when strength is quiet, methodical and subtle, like choosing to remain silent or exercising restraint. Walking away from people and situations that don’t bring added value to our lives to always a challenge, but it requires strength to let go. It’s sometimes easier to let go of the negative things in our lives, but letting go of habits, mindsets, beliefs and things that we are comfortable with is the true test of strength.

It takes strength to walk in our truth, set boundaries and stand firm on our commitments, especially when emotions and loyalty are involved. Because we love, we concede, because we’re loyal, we accept things that contradict our values only because we aren’t strong enough to simply say no.

Just like we build our physical muscles through exercise, training and conditioning, we gain strength through practice! Each time we overcome an obstacle or trial in life, we become stronger and it makes it easier to tackle the next challenge. Developing strength will stretch your limits, challenge your habits, and yes it will be painful at times, but the results will be worthwhile.

Being strong is not about being seen, obviously winning, or battling to the bitter end, being strong requires wisdom. Knowing when to fight, when to compromise and when to walk away is the power of strength in operation.

Today’s affirmation: I am strong and I will operate with my power.

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