Are your teens feeling lost, unsupported and unmotivated?


Teens are riding a rollercoaster of emotions right now. They’re stuck going up and down. But all we need to do is show them their self-worth to help them succeed. The old ways of doing this don’t work anymore! And neither do the old ways of motivational speaking. When I walk into a room, sure, I have great energy, encouragement for miles, and inspiration to spare. And yes, my personal story is one of overcoming tremendous hardship and incredible obstacles to succeed. But, here’s what I can give your audience that no one else can: real world knowledge. 

I have transitioned from being a teen mother to a successful entrepreneur and speaker. That is why mentoring and inspiring at-risk youth and teen moms is so important to me. I was one. I know how they feel, and understand the adversity they are facing. But that’s not why I am good at what I do. I am a highly sought after transformational speaker because of my special talent for easily connecting with at-risk youth, creating immediate feelings of trust and integrity

Teens and their children are our future. They need to know they are not destined to lead a success-less life. They need to know they are worth an investment of empowerment and inspiration.

With my experience going from a teen mom to a successful entrepreneur, I specialize in teaching your audience how to overcome stereotypes, realize they’re capable of being much more than a statistic, and see their future in a positive. Here’s what happens when we work together.

-Your audience will be challenged to overcome stereotypes.

-Your audience will realize they are capable of being more than a statistic.

-Your audience will see their future as bright and rewarding.

-Your audience will be enriched with research-based communication principles that teach them to embrace their self-worth.

-Your audience will be engaged and motivated through the use of active participation.

I have impacted youth through:

  • The Rites of Passage 
  • Junior Achievement-Business Week Company Adviser
  • Junior Achievement Volunteer Teacher/Facilitator
  • Now Faith Youth Symposium
  • A Road Called Strait
  • Cherry Creek Schools-Youth/Adult Summit
  • Burning Bush Ministries-Young Ladies Etiquette Program
  • AVID Program-Guest SpeakerPrairie Middle School-Career Day Speaker
  • Horizon Academy- Personal Branding Facilitator
  • Lambda Upsilon Sigma- Youth Symposium Speaker
It’s rare to find a speaker as gifted and as engaging as Deondriea. She has the ability to motivate a wide range of audiences to work towards their dream. Deondriea has shared her experiences with fourth graders, encouraging them to think about their future. She has also worked with high school students to think about life after high school, the importance of managing their finances, and inspiring them to come up with the next great business idea. In the true Deondriea magic, she has also engaged her colleagues to become involved and inspire the next generation. Deondriea truly has the gift to captivate the audience and challenges us all to be a better version of ourselves.
Paolo Diaz
Director of K-8 Programs | Junior Achievement–Rocky Mountain, Inc.
Deondriea did an amazing job with her presentation to our students. She was energetic, personable, and engaging. Our youth really gained life lessons from her personal life experiences and as a branding expert. The students gained an understanding of the impact their personal brand has on their future by using real-life scenarios to drive her points home. She left the students inspired, feeling like they mattered and success was within their grasp. We are looking forward to working with Deondriea her and utilizing her talents in the future as we embark on new ways to motivate and make an impact the lives of our youth.
Rod Way,
Behavior Specialist, Horizon Academy