“I exist to serve by giving permission to people with self-imposed limitations the confidence to be liberated. With confidence, comes liberation and people gain the courage to live with purpose and the motivation to embrace their greatness.” ~Deondriea Cantrice


Deondriea has a passion for watching others discover their innate confidence to succeed by living life to the fullest. She believes that greatness resides in everyone. Some people simply need to give themselves permission to unleash their greatness with courage. This passion is what drives Deondriea to instill confidence within everyone she meets.


Living confidently is something you need to practice everyday. To do this you must believe in and appreciate your unique abilities and talents.


 deondriea-CEO-ConfidenceLet’s face it: All transformational speakers are not created equal

You have the ability to accomplish anything and succeed in all of your endeavors. The secret to walking in your greatness is having confidence. Deondriea Cantrice, the Confidence Empowerment Officer, is here to inspire you to achieve greatness with confidence and pride. Instead of complacency, mediocrity, and uncertainty, Deondriea empowers you to be courageous, exceptional, and self-assured.

As a well-known author, transformational speaker and master facilitator, Deondriea has presented her life-changing message of true life with authenticity and transparency to many multifaceted groups from CEOs to at-risk youth. She is now using the power reflected in her writing and speech delivery to transform your ordinary existence into an extraordinary adventure. Deondriea does this by instilling confidence deep within your soul and live your life’s purpose.

Through her signature style of motivation, she equips you with the necessary beliefs, behaviors, and affirmative attitude to achieve dreams you thought were only fantasies. All it takes is the confidence to believe in yourself.

And so the once downtrodden teen parent turned celebrated entrepreneur, fabulous facilitator, and award-winning storyteller, wants to give you the confidence to be your best self. Deondriea leaves people feeling renewed, uplifted, and excited– and teach them how to be confident in themselves and bring out confidence in others – how to get from where they are stuck, to where they want to be – celebrating their special talents the whole way!

Deondriea encourages audiences to step out of their comfort zone – to look past their own self-induced fears – to take their dreams and create action steps that will turn them into a reality. 

From the moment you have that first conversation with Deondriea, you will see why audiences fall in love with her down-to-earth personality, her heart for reviving stressed out people, and her passion for creating something spectacular for your specific event and audience. Audiences are inspired, influenced, and impacted by the transparency of Deondriea’s talks, written work and presentations. Whatever the needs of your group or organization, Deondriea will customize the event to your attendees, objectives, and theme, delivering an event like no other!

                              Time to give your audience a fresh voice with a transformational message. 



Life has robbed many of us of our confidence, leaving us playing it safe and coloring within the lines; only to realize that opportunities continuously pass us by because we are scared to take a risk. The very thought of rejection and failure leaves many of us paralyzed and in a rut. 

With confidence we replicate excellence by having the confidence is what we know and our abilities because we are most confident in the things we know and practice.

Confidence University offers a series of personal growth and business development courses to equip you with confidence to succeed.    



Every interaction is an interview for your next opportunity. Are you confident with your personal brand? Is your brand well put together? Or, a cluttered mix-match of ideas, skills and reputation? Only completely dressed brands are recognized, respected and remembered.

Authenticate a trusted BRAND through continuity, consistency and confidence with The Brand to Wear.  Deondriea believes that everyone has value, and with a tailor-made brand that value is displayed and will position clients to attract new opportunities.