Prepared for Take-off

We probably all know the spiel verbatim. But no matter how many miles in the sky that you’ve accumulated, the flight attend always recites the safety blurb before taking flight. Have you ever considered how much that blurb is applicable to our daily lives? You know fasten your seatbelt, don’t congregate at the front of the plane, so on and so forth.

As we take flight on our individual journeys towards success, the runway (path) is there, ready for us to take off when we show up, prepared and in position.

Before being cleared for take-off, you first have to have a destination. Do you know where you’re going and what your purpose is when you get there? You can’t decide inflight where you’re headed. Defining where you want your life, career or business to go has to be established.

As a pilot you have to possess the necessary skills to navigate through turbulence. There will be emotional storms, financial precipitation, and thick mental clouds that will cause you to reroute your course. You must possess the confidence to finesse to change your altitude or attitude when the storms occur without losing direction or momentum because aborting your flight isn’t an option.

Your seat-belts must be securely fastened. Which means your support system must be strong and dependable enough to keep you safe and they are there if you need them. Are you carrying cargo or passengers? People that are headed to the same destination or people that are looking for you to take them with you, no matter where you’re headed? Some people are part of your purpose, while others are there for a purpose. The cabin (your life) has to be secured. Only people that are authorized should be aboard.

Lastly, you have to prepare for take-off. You’ve all heard the flight attendant’s spiel before take-off and think it’s an unnecessary part of the process because we’ve heard it before. But, knowing what to expect in flight and what to do in case of an emergency proves to be useful information. Whether you are a crop duster or a jetliner, going through the process will prepare you for an easy take-off and position you for a smooth landing.

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