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Going for the Goal

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Going for the Goal

July 5, 2015

Year after year resolutions are made with the expectation that those declarations will lead us to where we want to be and give us the things that we desire. We excitedly set goals hoping to achieve a certain level of success. We know what we want to achieve and in many cases, we even imagine what the end result will look like, but it seems like we struggle or all out fail to achieve the goals that we desire. It appears as if year after year we are pursuing the same goal. Why? Many of us know what goal we want to accomplish, but sometimes never come up with a plan on how to achieve the goal. Knowing what we want to achieve is only half of the picture, the know-how to accomplish that goal is what separates success from failure. Going for the Goal is a self-study goal setting course that will walk you through the process of successfully setting and achieving goals with confidence and pride by creating a strategy.

Start date to be announced soon.

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