naked truth deondriea

The Naked Truth

I don’t expose myself and reveal who I am to everyone. It’s not because I’m ashamed of who I am, being naked, embarrassed by my body or afraid that others won’t accept me. It’s because I know others would miss me simply because they would focus on the shape of my body and imperfections, and wouldn’t see me, if I bared it all. They would censor me through their filters and never see me at face value.

I keep my clothes on to protect my vulnerability, guard my intimacy, accentuate my attractiveness, and shield myself from the elements of hurt, manipulation, and violation. The exposure to some elements are harmful to my health because misery doesn’t just love company, it is contagious and carriers the bitterness virus. The heat of negativity can melt my ambition, the frigid winds can freeze my courage and the rain can wash away my perseverance.

Underneath my clothes you will find, stretch marks from when I carried my vision, labored over my goals and gave birth to my purpose. You will see where I’ve been expanded beyond my comfortability when the pain of disappointment tried to paralyze me. You will see my scars that are the healed wounds from the battles I’ve endured, warring against the status quo and breaking the barriers of bad habits.

I even have scars from when God had to operate on me, to remove worry, doubt and betrayal that had infected me, tried to break me and almost killed me. He had to restore me by giving me a transplant of optimize, confidence and strength.

If I bare it all, you will find cellulite, the things that I haven’t worked out yet. The things that cause me to exercise patience, persistence and positivity, sculpting me into who I’ve been ordained to be. I had to regain muscle that was weakened by disappointment and failure. I have to lift the weight of guilt and contour my confidence.

The Naked Truth is, there is more than what the naked eye can see. People are more than their circumstances, more than their appearance. You never know what a person is going through, coming out of or their purpose. Never take for granted trust, a smile or the gift of someone in your life. Everyone deserves the real you, but not everyone can handle all of you.

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