It Just Got Real

Many times I hear people say, “I’m just keeping it real, I’m real about mines, I’m a real man/woman,” and every other variation thereof. Is that something to be proud of, a badge of honor?

Let’s talk about what’s “real” first. Garbage is real, hatred is real, discourse is real, and bitterness is real. Shall I continue? You say you’re real. My question is a real what? While you are being real, are you making a difference? Are you being impactful and influential? Or, are you simply real good at talking?

Yes, you may be telling the truth or being honest, but is it needful and what’s your intent behind the words you speak? I’m not saying beat around the bush or sugar coat things, because we all know the dangers of ambiguity. What I am saying is not everything needs to be said and not everything needs to be said by you.

It may be true that someone has bad breath, but did you tell them out of concern or was it to embarrass, defame or make fun of him or her? Were you speaking out of love or with a split tongue?

Words are powerful, they can build up or tear down, encourage or embarrass. You can choose being “real” or choose to get results? Remember word is seed, be careful what you plant!

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