independent woman

An Independent Woman

My curves make me attractive. My conversation makes me sexy. But, it’s my ‪‎confidence makes me irresistible, and my intellect makes me insatiable. It’s my independence however, that make me desirable.

Being an independent ‪‎woman isn’t defined by having my own job, house, money or car. Nor does it mean that I don’t need a man. An independent woman is healthy, happy, whole and complete. I’m not waiting for a knight in shining armour to rescue me. I’m anticipating being loved by my husband genuinely, unconditionally and wholeheartedly. As an independent woman I don’t depend on a man to define who I AM, but I anticipate him to compliment the woman that I AM.

Yes, I successfully operate alone. However, he and I can accomplish more together with him as my friend, my lover, my protector and provider. I love myself, but the love of a man is still a part of my ‎natural equation. I’m strong enough to bring a man stability, yet feminine enough to let him lead me. Because I’m an independent woman, I’m able to bring a man increase.

There’s nothing like the ‪love, attention, adoring and affection of that special man. It brings a feeling of protection that only an independent woman can comprehend. I give life to his vision and nurture ‪dreams, and within him I discover peace, safety and provision.

Being an independent woman simply means, I know my ‪value. I don’t have to compete, comply or contend because I know who I Am and where I stand. As an independent woman I’m self-contained, not self-centered. My independence is not about separation, it’s all about inclusion and uniqueness. An independent woman is still a lady and appreciates the strength, ‪power and chivalry of a man. An independent woman shouldn’t be considered a threat, invest in an independent woman; she will always be your best bet.

I’m proud to be an independent woman; I’m designed to be alluring, not to be intimidating with needs, just not dependencies. And, I stand independently and confidently by his side.

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