How Much Do You Weigh?

Do you know how much you weigh? You might be thinking what does my weight have to do with anything? Weight determines class, value, influence and worth.

Boxers are classified by their weight class, not by their skills or ability. Are you a contender in the right class? Are you going toe to toe with someone beneath your classification because you are afraid to challenge yourself in your proper class? Or, are you battling an opponent in a higher class because you have something to prove? Being matched with the right contender will keep you on your toes by sharpening your ability and strength. Knowing whether someone is in your weight class will indicate whether its worth your time to fight.

The most precious items of value are priced by weight, like gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems. If you don’t know what you weigh, chances are you don’t know your value and worth. When you know your worth, you realize that you aren’t for everyone. Some people can only handle a portion of who you are, which means they can’t receive all of you. But don’t devalue yourself so that they can appreciate you.

Your name, product or service should carry weight and have the ability to influence. When a person that operates with integrity and in a position of authority or expert, people will trust and comply with whatever is said. Trusted brands are developed because of the weight that the name, product or service carries.

Lastly, everything has a weight limit. If you don’t know how much you weigh, you will not know how much weight you can travel with. Five pounds isn’t heavy, but if you carry it too long, it will weigh you down.

When you know your weight, you will understand your worth and not discount yourself or accept anyone that doesn’t appreciate your value.

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