Fatality of Fear

We all know the variations of what FEAR is believed to be, what happens next? FEAR can be FATAL!!! FEAR will cause:

You to be paranoid: You will suppress your confidence and think people are talking about you, out to get you or attacking you when they haven’t given you a second thought.

You to be defensive: You will come up with an excuse and blame others for your choices and their outcomes.

You to be paralyzed: You will be afraid to step out on faith or take chances and you will become a hostage captured by your thoughts and emotions.

You to hurt yourself: When you are afraid you have a tendency to act without thinking and move without direction. (You just want to get out the way)

The more you experience, the more confident you will become and FEAR will disappear. I like to think of FEAR as nothing more than a shadow, it causes things to appear larger than what they really are. I encourage you to fearLESSly go after your dreams, goals and aspirations!


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