Emotional Eviction

Often, I hear people say that the person they thought genuinely loved or cared about them, walked out on them. They begin to question the validity of the person’s loyalty and genuineness. The question becomes, did they walk out or did you force them out?

The high, broad walls of past hurts and distrust become too much of a challenge to scale, to get to your heart in order to love you. Although they try their hardest, they are unsuccessful.

Another question to ask yourself: Is your life overcrowded with narcissism, pride and selfishness? Or, are there too many people and priorities? Giving the person what’s left of you instead of the best of you creates disappointment.

Before questioning the loyalty, love or commitment of someone that walked out, ask yourself did I force them out by not giving them a reason to stay? Did I nurture the relationship and foster mutual trust, loyalty and dedication? Every relationship, friendship and partnership needs to be fed in order to grow. A malnourished relationship cannot prosper.

We all have to take responsibility for our actions and the outcomes. When the emotion has subsided you will discover the person was loyal, loving and committed, but could not compete with the emotional baggage and demons of the past. In the end, people walk away because they care enough about you to allow what you need, want and desire to reach you.

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