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Catch the Rhythm Transformational Podcast


Catch the Rhythm is a podcast that will equip a person with the essential beats to maintain and strengthen the relationships in their lives. More often than not, the rhythm is lost in relationships due to ego clashes, jealousy, or inferiority complexes. One tends to lose those people whom they love and care for the most in the world simply because of a wrong note. The Catch the Rhythm podcast will help you understand and recognize where the rhythm got off beat, and how to regain the harmony in your relationship.

The statement that self help is the best help, has been true since it was coined. In fact, a person can only be helped if they are willing to help themselves. This podcast will inspire people to understand their problems and lead from within. It would not only enhance the self-worth of a person, but help them understand the worth of other people around them so that they can maintain strong and powerful interpersonal relationships throughout their life. The Catch the Rhythm transformational podcast would be the first step towards personal growth. Sometimes introspection is necessary because we often tend to see other people’s mistakes by ignoring our own. Listen in as Deondriea help you discover your rhythm in your interpersonal relationships.


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