Teen Mom Speaks


The once downtrodden teen mom is now a celebrated storyteller, fabulous facilitator, and award-winning author.

An Unparalleled Approach to Life

Book the brand architect and transformational speaker, Deondriea Cantrice, if you are looking for a presentation that will leave people feeling renewed, uplifted, and excited– and teach them how to motivate themselves and others – how to get from where they are stuck, to where they want to be – celebrating their special talents the whole way. She transformed her challenges as a teen mom into life lessons of motivation, wisdom and inspiration.

Deondriea will customize her presentation to your fit your attendees, objectives, and theme, delivering an event like no other!


Why Deondriea?

Deondriea aspires to inspire, impact and influence audiences with integrity and transparency.


Deondriea speaks from a place of her healing rather than her hurt to inspire everyone she encounters.


As  someone who has done her work, Deondriea provides success tools and their application to audiences.


Deondriea empowers audiences how to embrace their greatness and empower them to succeed.

Works of the Wordsmith

From the moment you have that first conversation with Deondriea, you will see why audiences fall in love with her down-to-earth personality, her heart for reviving stressed out people, and her passion for creating something spectacular for your specific event and audience.


Transformation requires examination. Deondriea directs people to look inside to rediscover who they are.


Deondriea sincerely believe motivation is not a feeling, but a call to action.


Words pack power! Deondriea shows people when they change their words, change manifests in their lives.

Are you sick and tired of hearing the same motivational messages over and over?

As a transformational author and speaker, Deondriea Cantrice supplies unparalleled energy, encouragement, and entertainment as your opening or closing keynote speaker. She’s adept at instantly engaging your audience, reengaging them after breaks or lunch, and then sending them home remembering and hailing all the key points of your event.

Deondriea, a widely acclaimed brand architect and facilitator, is also available to deliver her signature keynote presentations on branding to audiences who want to transform their meetings, morale, and productivity.

Whatever the needs of your group or organization, Deondriea will customize the event to your attendees, objectives, and theme, delivering an event like no other!

Some of Deondriea’s most popular presentations are:

Discovering Your Intrinsic Fire

The obligations associated with our roles and responsibilities have a tendency to monopolize our time and attention. Finding your passion for life and the things that you love is sometimes lost. Deondriea helps audiences ignite their burning desire for success.

Dare to Dream

Remember as a child, your dream had not limitations and your imagination ran free? Life happened and we settled into whatever situation presented itself to us. Finding your way back to your dreams and activating them takes work and Deondriea is ready to help you release your self-imposed limitations.

Captivating Communication

This powerfully effective keynote speech will allow your attendees to see and experience the importance of non-verbal communication. They’ll learn how their appearance affects the way others perceive them, how communication through social media can enhance or detract, and how to communicate across cultures.

Unbreakable Boundaries

We often find ourselves over giving and filling empty because we didn’t set and maintain personal boundaries. Deondriea walks people through the process of saying NO without feeling guilty or obligated to offer and explanation.

Are your teens feeling lost, unsupported and unmotivated?

Teens are riding a rollercoaster of emotions right now. They’re stuck going up and down. But all we need to do is show them their self-worth to help them succeed. The old ways of doing this don’t work anymore! And neither do the old ways of motivational speaking.

When I walk into a room, sure, I have great energy, encouragement for miles, and inspiration to spare. And yes, my personal story is one of overcoming tremendous hardship and incredible obstacles to succeed. But, here’s what I can give your audience that no one else can: real world knowledge.

With my experience going from a teen mom to a successful entrepreneur, I specialize in teaching your audience how to overcome stereotypes, realize they’re capable of being much more than a statistic, and see their future in a positive.

Deondriea has been impacted youth through:

The Rites of Passage 

Junior Achievement-Business Week Company Adviser

Junior Achievement Volunteer Teacher/Facilitator

Now Faith Youth Symposium

A Road Called Strait

Cherry Creek Schools-Youth/Adult Summit

Burning Bush Ministries-Young Ladies Etiquette Program

AVID Program-Guest Speaker

Prairie Middle School-Career Day Speaker

Here are a few of Deondriea’s most notable talks.

Being a Teen Parent is Like Being a Criminal

This true life, thought-provoking keynote speech allows your attendees to see and experience the importance of abstinence beyond pregnancy and disease. They’ll learn how it can damage their reputation amongst peers and society, emotionally and mentally damage their being through rejection, and how one decision can result in lifelong change.

Overcoming Adversity

No one is born with the perfect life, perfect family, in a perfect situation but it seems like bad and worse is all that you see when you look around you. It not easy having ambition when you can’t even see the future. Overcoming Adversity is no easy feat, but it is achievable.

Abstinence is the Answer

Teens have heard about abstinence a million times from thousands of people, but hearing why abstinence is important from someone who has experienced first how sex distorts and distracts you from a path of success.

I'm Not What You See

Teens wear labels and stereotypes like a tailor made suit. Peers, parents and people all have an opinion which makes it hard to see teens for who they are. Building a personal brand even in high school is a must for the youth of today.


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