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Defined Life with Deondriea

Defined with Deondriea

Defining Your Power With Words

Words have POWER! Words possess the authority to help, heal, hurt and hinder. Our words are seed that produce the outcome in every area of our lives, whether positive or negative.

Master wordsmith Deondriea Cantrice introduces the Defined with Deondriea video blog. This vLog will define words of power, how to actively develop the power of your words, and deliver words that will have a positive impact in your life, influence your self talk and serve as a guidance in your conversations with others.

Having the defined life that you desire begins with the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions you implement.


Deondriea Defines the Power of Words

Trying to remain motivated is a challenge when you aren’t inspired, can’t see results, or the benefits aren’t apparent. That is when perseverance steps in, giving you the energy, focus, and the tenacity to create opportunities where they don’t noticeably exist. Perseverance is the willingness to keep moving despite how the situation looks or how we feel and will lead to the defined life that we desire.
Strength lies within all of us, but just like everything else, strength has to be developed and that takes work. Possessing strength is more than being ready to fight, sometimes strength is the ability to walk away, or simply standing firm in your truth and setting unwavering boundaries. Words have power and will lead to the Defined Life that we desire.

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