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The Real Side of Relationships

From the moment you lay eyes on one another, there is an immediate connection, like you are kindred spirits. All inhibitions are released and he is able to see the real, unfiltered you. The feeling of euphoria is intense as...
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Listen to the Hiss in Their Lips

Once I had an interaction with a broken man that I thought I was doing him a favor by attempting to build him up and grow his business. I often witnessed him verbally tear down the people that he loved...
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Fatality of Fear

We all know the variations of what FEAR is believed to be, what happens next? FEAR can be FATAL!!! FEAR will cause: You to be paranoid: You will think people are talking about you, out to get you or attacking...
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Emotional Eviction

Often, I hear people say that the person they thought genuinely loved or cared about them, walked out on them. They begin to question the validity of the person’s loyalty and genuineness. The question becomes, did they walk out or...
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Why Ask Why?

We lose jobs, friendship fades away, and relationships dissolve. We face hurts, loss, disappointments and heartache. Why? Why is it that we try to do the right thing, we have the best of intentions, give wholeheartedly, and are authentic, but...
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Prepared for Take-Off

As we take flight on our individual journeys towards success, the runway (path) is there, ready for us to take off when we show up prepared and in position. Before being cleared for take-off, you first have to have a...
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Drama Addict

Don’t get caught up in being addicted to drama. A drama king or queen isn’t always a person that creates drama or is overly dramatic. Sometimes a drama addict is a person that finds comfort in instability, dysfunction and disarray....
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It Just Got Real

Many times I hear people say, “I’m just keeping it real, I’m real about mines, I’m a real man/woman,” and every other variation thereof. Is that something to be proud of, a badge of honor? Let’s talk about what’s “real”...
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My Offer

I offered you partnership, you didn’t want it. I offered you friendship, you didn’t appreciate it. I offered you love, you didn’t accept it. I offered you support, you couldn’t comprehend it. I offered you loyalty, you wouldn’t reciprocate it....
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