I hear people say that they have trust issues. Do they? Or, is it an excuse to misuse and not commit equitably in relationships and friendships? They say that they don’t trust anymore because they’ve been hurt, abandoned or betrayed. This may be true, but let’s go deeper.

Often we have misplaced trust in others. We trust people when they’ve given us every reason not to, and blame them when they reveal that they are untrustworthy. Falling on your own sword doesn’t make you a martyr.

On occasion, because we haven’t been genuine, we question the authenticity of others. We project our own issues onto those around us that are loyal, loving and trustworthy, and then assume they have hidden motives and agendas because we are disingenuous.

Yes, there are circumstances that leave a bad taste in our mouths when it comes to trust. But at what point are you going to cleanse your pallet and chew on something that feeds your spirit?

When you trust yourself, you will know who to trust and what you can entrust others with. Learn to accept people at face value and you will find that there are faithful people that have your best interest at heart, who love you and want nothing but the best for you.

Before you say you have trust issues, assess whether it’s you that can’t be trusted. If it’s indeed the other person that’s disingenuous, ask yourself why you have chosen to keep this person in your life. Trust is an honor that we all deserve but most never earn.