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After the Rain

The storms of life have a tendency to wash away our happiness, drench our hope leaving behind puddles of despair in our path that veers us off course. After experiencing heartbreak, loss, betrayal and failure, we sometimes feel lost or stagnant. Now that the rain clouds have passed, the sun is shining brightly and its time to thrive! Ready to live instead of just existing?

Introducing the After the Rain Self-Study Course


The drizzle of unhappiness or misfortune often develop into storms (challenges) in our lives, leaving us stagnate, tired, afraid or simply ready to give up. We often lose sight of who we are and what we want to accomplish in life. The disenchantment with our storms is the result of not knowing the benefits of our storms or their role in our purpose. After the Rain ends we don’t always have the desire to replenish our motivation because our passion appears to have been washed away with all the debris that disappeared during the storm. Reclaiming our greatness and knowing who we are seems to be a monumental task! How can we begin to see with clarity and allow the revitalization to take place? After the Rain is a self-study course that walks you through the process of acknowledging the storm to rediscover passion and unleash purpose, through writing prompts, affirmations, internal reflection and more.


MODULE I Welcome and Introduction
• Welcome participants to the course
• Introduce participants to Deondriea Cantrice
• Course overview

MODULE II Guilt Free Self-Commitments
• The importance of honoring self-commitments
• How to make self-commitments without feeling guilty
• Commit to yourself

MODULE III The Forecast Predicts Rain
• Define the Rain
• The impact of Rain
• The benefit of Rain

MODULE IV Purpose on Purpose
• Defining Purpose
• Examining our Purpose
• Understanding others Purpose in our Purpose

MODULE V The Power of Affirmations
• Understanding Affirmations
• How to Write Affirmations
• Using affirmations effectively

MODULE VI Introspection in Perspective
• Self-examination
• Identifying personal pitfalls
• Understanding your attributes

MODULE VII Meaningful Meditations
• Why meditation is essential
• How to mediate effectively
• When meditation works best

MODULE VIII Retrospection for Release
• Acknowledging the past
• Looking back with a new filter
• Revive don’t relive

• Lessons Learned
• Best Practices
• What’s Next

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