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Like yours, my life and business had flatlined...

I had books, presentations, promotional material, a strong network, an impressive digital footprint, and a life transformational message. But, my business had plateaued and my life was in a holding pattern. A romantic relationship was non-existent. My creativity was disjointed and my entrepreneurial spirit had plummeted.

Nothing excited me. Nothing motivated me. I had settled for a C average life, a mediocre business and I realized that I was forfeiting my greatness and accepted the status quo.

Today, I am joyful, enthusiastic about life and watching my business flourish. What changed?

My mindset changed, my outlook changed, my life changed!

How? I realized that I possessed the key to my greatness. I rediscovered my confidence and how to optimize it for success. By unlocking my confidence I understood my purpose, discovered my voice, and released my courage.

You too can revitalize your life and restore the luster of your business simply by unlocking your confidence. Remember your passion?

Remember being excited? Remember when you felt you had purpose?

That fire, that boldness, that greatness is still inside you, it's time to release it! And, I am here to help you along your journey.

Let me Help you Unlock Your Confidence

Confidence is the key cornerstone of success. With confidence you aren't afraid to ask for what you want, convey your message and ideas with certainty, and you have the courage to wear your personal brand with authority. You make power moves without seeking approval. Confidence will position you to attract better opportunities in love, life and business.

Being self-confident is an essential part of owning your truth. It gives you the ability to showcase your true self without doubt and fear. It gives you the magnetism to attract what you desire. And it gives you the charisma to keep asking for more. Remember when this was you?

Somewhere along the way you lost your confidence. You are filled with doubt and constantly second guess yourself. The reason you no longer have strong self-esteem is because you stopped believing in your greatness. And, it's not your fault. Being told no, being discouraged, and being ignored stole your keys and robbed you of your confidence.

People are confident in the areas they are most competent and comfortable in leaving little room for growth, drive and commitment. Sometimes it’s a challenge to let go of how things have always been and it is what limits our success.

That is why I am here to help you along your journey, to help you release the antiquated beliefs and unlock your greatness. It's time to,

Be bold. Be passionate. Be confident.

In order to empower you and optimize your confidence, I have developed the run, rise, rule formula. This methodology will give you the keys to unlock your confidence and rediscover your passion, purpose, and path to success. You have to run away from negativity, rise over the status quo and rule over your thoughts and emotions.

  • Release stale beliefs and self deprecating behavior. Let go of self-imposed limitations. Take action. Inaction fosters doubt and fear. Taking action fosters confidence and courage.

  • Adopt an assertive way of guilt-free speaking to others and positive self talk with yourself. You will feel your self-esteem begin to rise. Your self-confidence will be elevated, too.

  • Think and act positively to triumph over complacency. By focusing on the can-do side of any situation, you will become filled with confidence. The leader within will radiate from you.

Stop settling for less than you desire

  • Confidence University was created with YOU in mind. Giving you the flexibility to complete courses according to your schedule and lifestyle. We offer personal and business development courses to help you gain the confidence to succeed.

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  • There is nothing like experiencing the energy of a transformational movement of confidence up close and personal, while being surrounded by people who are as passionate and committed as you are. Our events are exciting, engaging and empowering.

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  • From time to time we need a personal touch as we navigate through our journey of rediscovery, which is why I offer group coaching. My coaching program provide the personal attention to help you win through my run, rise and rule methodology.

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What My Amazing Clients Think of My Work

  • Deondriea has an excellent written talent and superior verbal communication skills. She has the ability to present information in a very concise manner and able to uncover the unobvious. Her critical thinking skills, allow her to more efficiently and reach resolutions easily.

    E. Huss Project Manager, BCBS
  • Deondriea is the definition of an accomplished wordsmith. Her articulation of concept demands attention and participation. She speaks with great wisdom, and from the aspect of having done the work necessary to achieve each goal. What great experience, working with her!

    Madeline B. Author/Speaker
  • In the true Deondriea magic, she has engaged her colleagues to become involved in their community as she inspires the next generation. Deondriea truly has the gift to captivate her audience and challenges us all to be a better version of ourselves with confidence.

    Paolo D. Regional Director, Junior Achievement

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